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Certified organic vegan

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Here is our story so far....

Since May 2004 we have delighted in bringing high quality Organic Chocolate merchandise
to the ever discerning Australian marketplace.

Originally starting as home based business, a husband and wife team remember thinking
about how great it would be ,to bring a range of Organic Chocolate to the table that is not
only genuinely hand crafted ,but also ‘Australian Made’.

So utilizing my skills as 5 star experienced Pastry Chef/Chocolatier/Creative Madman &
Patricia’s inherent practicality as a Coach/Trainer we set about designing our vision which
has lead us to where we are to today.



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So ...You're a lover of fine chocolate & you would like to know more about our Product...

Organic , Air-Dried Cocoa beans

Nasaa LogoThe beans in our chocolate are grown & cultivated in
the natural rainforest environment in the Dominican Republic.This diverse rich environment produces a premium bean which is then sun-dried to produce a premium product.

Fair-Trade ‘Hand in Hand’

Fair TradeAll Cocoa Rhapsody merchandise that carry’s the ‘Hand in Hand logo comes with the assurance that at least 50% of the core ingredients originate from a fair trade source.

72 Hour ‘conch’

Conching Machineconching is the most decisive element of the core chocolate making process. As you may figure from the ‘antique concher’ pictured on the left it is essentially a grinding process which renders the raw ingredients to a smooth chocolate wherby particles are imperceptible to the palate. Some less exotic chocolates can be conched for as little as 8 hours which when compared to our 72 hours and you’ll know what makes this product so smooth.

Genuinely HandCrafted

Hand TemperedOur entire product range is genuinely hand crafted , whether it is a tablet or praline every product run is hand tempered and assessed for ‘quality of temper’ prior to the individual product run. This ensues that the final texture is at a textural premium delivering you our customer an uncompromising product, In addition we produce in botique batch size and turn over product quickly to avoid the subtle deteriotion
that can occur with mass-produced products.